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For everyone who has taken the time to come visit my online spiritual home, thank you.  I hope and pray you will find something to bring you hope and encouragement.

Audio Devotionals is about a journey that I've just embarked upon.  I recently finished reading Donald Miller's book, Searching for God Knows What, and I was intrigued by his thought that the Bible is primarily a book about relationships. This site contains some of my developing thoughts provided through audio devotional files.

I was raised in a relatively conservative brand of Christianity.  I grew up with the idea that everything inside this box called Christianity was good, and everything outside of it was bad. The borders and delineations between the two were very clear.  If grew up with the idea that the Bible was really all about being a manual for how to live a good, moral life, and that eventually I could get to heaven.

Over the last few years, however, as I began to think more seriously about what I believed and why, things began to get more fuzzy.  Good and evil, right and wrong no longer seemed to be so entirely cut and dried. The Bible became less of a manual, a textbook with formulas, and a codebook of laws and regulations.

If, as Donald suggests, the Bible is primarily about relationships -- between God and his creation, and between members of his creation -- then I may have completely missed the boat.  It's for that reason that I decided to go back and read the familiar texts from a different frame of reference, a different perspective, to find out if in the process I would come to know and experience God in a new, different, and more authentic way.

I think that there are many others like me, who grew up with the facts of Christianity and regularly attended church, but have since questioned its value and personal relevancy.  There may be others that are skeptical about the Bible and Christianity altogether, or may have been burned by them.   For all of us who are struggling through life and questioning the stuff that happens around us, I invite you to join me in my quest, my search, to discover a little bit more about the real God, the God Who Is.

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Mark Kubo
November 10, 2005

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